Bjärred, Sweden

Bjärred is a coastal locality situated in Lomma Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden. It is situated about 20 km north of Malmö, 10 km west of Lund and 5 km north of Lomma village. With 9,542 inhabitants in 2010, it is the second largest locality in Lomma Municipality and accounts for around 44% of its inhabitants. Bjärred largely serves as a suburb of Malmö and Lund.Among the sights in the town is the open-air swimming-baths, situated 500 meters out on the jetty Långa bryggan.HistoryThe name Bjärred is thought to come from the Swedish word bjerg, which means height or hill, and may refer to the height at which the settlement appears when viewed from the sea.The town grew up as a seaside resort for the nearby city of Lund during the 1800s. The construction of an 11-km long railway between Lund and Bjärred began in 1899, and the railway opened for traffic on July 27, 1901. The railway was electrified in 1916, however, it did not prove commercially successful and closed on June 15, 1939, with the rails being removed in 1940.The population of Bjärred has grown strongly since the mid-1900s, from 864 residents in 1960 to 9542 residents in 2010.GeographyThe settlement can be divided into four areas: Löddesnäs in the north-west, Borgeby in the north, Centrum in the central part of the town and Gamla Bjärred and Haboljung in the south. A large yard named Bjerehof within the settlement has given its name to the eponymous dwelling area in central Bjärred, along with a school and sports hall. What is now the central part of Bjärred was formally Högsäters orchard, founded by Eric Jungquist in the beginning of the 1920s.

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